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An Admonishment
The devil prowls as a roaring lion,
Seeking any who set out for Zion.
Religious or not,
He wants hell to be their lot;
Resist him and turn from rebellion.
How do we resist him, you say?
Abide in Christ and follow His way.
Confess your sins and repent,
Have faith as strong as cement.
Submit to Christ and choose Him every day.
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The veil of darkness is lifted up
To reveal the glorious sun.
'Tis raised by the hands of the Father above,
The Mighty and Holy One.
O praise the Lord, you marvelous skies!
Praise Him with your shades of red, blue, and gold.
O sing hymns of joy, you birds, with melodious cries!
Sing with thanksgiving as the Psalmists of old.
The night season has passed and morning comes;
Light awakens the earth with its shining rays.
Let us also wake up and, with Christ, overcome,
Following Him in the everlasting ways.
O honor the Lord, thou blinding sun!
Reflect His steadfast righteousness.
O bless the wonderful Creator, you rousing ones!
Wake up to His great lovingkindness.
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Before the Knight's Experience
Before experience, I was a mere squire;
Before experience, I was unaware of the war that raged within my walls.
Before experience, I thought I wrestled against flesh and blood;
Now I see that spiritual forces of darkness war against our souls.
Before experience, I thought that I was strong without my Commander;
Now I see the blind spots and weaknesses that will be the death of me.
Before experience, I was afraid of all allies of the enemy;
Now I see that the fear of man ensnares, while trust in the Lord empowers.
Before experience, I could scarcely thrust a dagger;
Now I can wield the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word.
Before experience, I faced danger and temptations without protection;
Now I wear the armour of light and all prayer.
Before experience, I was afraid of death and loss;
Now I commit my spirit into the hands of my powerful Saviour.
Before experience, the devil was to me a fearful adversary;
Now I see that he is a fallen foe, while the Lord is a mighty Man of War!
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 11 8
Where is Your Sting?
O Death, where is your sting?
O Hades, where is your victory?
There's One who conquered you,
And changed Earth's destiny.
From birth, you have tried to claim my life;
You have severely tortured my soul.
But you have no power over the Holy One
Who alone can make me whole.
My Lord Jesus has defeated the grave!
The power of death is Satan's no more!
The serpent of old is rendered powerless,
And soon we will all be restored!
O Death, where is your sting?
O Hades, where is your victory?
My Lord has overcome you,
And now He'll complete my story.
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 10 1
O Lead Me to Calvary
O lead me to Calvary every morning,
Take me up the hill
Where the innocent Lamb stumbled,
And--because of my sins--was killed.
See His nailed hands and feet;
Look upon His thorny crown.
What love that can't be beat!
He didn't let me be cast down!
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You Are Not Alone :iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 10 7
Take No Thought
Take no thought for tomorrow;
Rest in love sublime.
Do not have a worried heart;
Live one day at a time.
When doubts and fears assail you,
Look to your patient Lord.
See how He bears your burdens,
And sustains you by His Word.
Fret not over your future;
It only causes harm.
Stand firm on His promises,
And cling unto His arm.
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How They Really Feel
Just see these little fools
Who are insignificant and small.
They follow their own ways,
Thinking they're going to be okay;
But they don't realize that I've deceived them all!
Look down at My beloved children
Who are unaware of the unseen war.
Everyone is on a quest
To find what meets their needs best;
They don't know that I can give them so much more.
I could care less if they're depressed;
Their needs don't matter to me.
They're nothing more than just pawns.
I'll give some power until they're devoured,
And laugh as they fall into despair!
No, I have no love for them;
I just want them dead in their sins!
That's why I want them to be all mine.
For their sake, I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll fight for them until they see the light.
But in the end, the choice is theirs to make.
Still, I don't want to lose them to one who will only use them,
And not love them or keep them in the way.
For My heart breaks for them;
I long to save
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 7 9
An Invaluable Experience
What was I to expect when I left home for two-and-a-half months to go spread the gospel? I was to learn how to reach out to various people, traveling about eight miles each day, knocking on an average of a hundred doors.
What did I see? The good, the bad, and the downright ugly. I saw a great controversy between two forces; and I saw the parable of the sower come to life. Some people would have none of it, and Satan would just snatch them away like the ravens taking the seed. Others almost got books, but then someone else or a disruption would prevent them, or the people would suddenly change their minds (even though they expressed a desire to get something). Others were too occupied with the cares of this world. But some were open and ready, and there are some powerful stories that I will share regarding those!
How did I feel? There were some days when I felt hopeless and lost. Fear was on every side. I found myself fighting tears only to pour them out before going to bed. And yet I f
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Who's Still Laughing?
In the last days, scoffers ask, "Where's the promise of His coming?"
"All things continue as they were in the beginning."
But when we take a look at how it's worse than before--
Who's still laughing?
Mass shootings and terrorist attacks are now part of every day living;
Wars are more frequent as crimes against humanity become more unforgiving.
Child slavery, ethnic cleansing, nuclear development--
Who's still laughing?
New diseases break out and vaccines have no power;
We watch helplessly as pestilence and famine devour.
Zika, ebola, MERS-CoV, and indestructible strains of the flu--
Who's still laughing?
The love of humanity has grown deathly cold;
Justice and mercy die as selfishness grows bold.
More broken families, abuse, prejudice, and social injustice--
Who's  still laughing?
Over 1, 000 religious fanatics claim to be the Christ;
People talk to spirits, and others offer a child sacrifice;
Error and truth are mixed and no one can agree on what's right--
Who's still laughing?
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 14 2
Wake Up!
Wake up, O Laodicea, can't you hear the war trumpets sound?
Don't you see that we're entering the final countdown?
The hourglass is finishing up; please--stop playing around!
Wake up!
The Earth is ripping herself apart, laboring with birth pains;
And yet many of the Lord's people carry on with matters that are vain!
O my soul is shaken, for not much time remains!
We are living in a time of trouble as the world has never seen;
Followers of Christ, purify your hearts; and wash your hands clean!
Please turn away from the deceptions of the devil's smokescreens!
In His great mercy the Lord is giving us His final call,
Showing to us His precious truths, revealing His will to all.
O my brethren, please don't harden your hearts, lest you should fall!
Search His Word! For in the Scriptures are unveiled secrets and new light,
Truths that will enable us to stand in the last spiritual fights.
Walk while it is still day, lest you're overtaken by the night!
Behold He is coming quickly, and with Him
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 13 7
Reunited At Last! (Part 2)
May 15, 2016
Tears poured down my cheeks as I felt my mother's arms tightly embraced me. Her hands gripped my shoulder, holding onto me for dear life. "I never want to let you go again..." she whispered in hushed sobs. I buried my face into her shoulder, unable to speak.
Just a few days ago, we were trying to plan a time and day when she could see me. Both of us wanted her to come visit me on my twenty-first birthday, but there were complications. Her roommate worked on Sundays and, because of legal and parental issues, there was a chance that she could get in trouble for seeing me. (Child Support problems in the past made this difficult, but I wasn't given much information about it.)
She didn't want to have to face my dad, lest she got into trouble with him. But she had love and respect for him because he was the one who stepped up in my life and raised me with my grandma as the mother-figure. Fears and doubts brutally attacked her; she didn't want to hurt anyone or get hurt herself.
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 1 2
Reunited At Last! (Part 1)
“Your mother called.”
It was if time stood still at that moment. Everything around me became a blur. I couldn’t believe my ears. "Your mother called..."
It was the first year anniversary of my re-baptism, and to celebrate James took me to a shopping center to pass out tracts. We were finishing up when my grandmother called and gave me the news that my mom--someone who I hadn't seen or even heard from for at three years. The last time I had ever heard from her, she was a mess. For a while I wasn't even sure if she was still alive; no one who knew her would say anything about her whereabouts. Partially convinced that I wouldn't see her again until Christ's return, I would pray for our future reunion.
When I returned home after my outreach adventure with James. I dialed the number I was given and eagerly called my mom. It went to voicemail, and as I was leaving a message, she called back. With my heart pounding, I answered, "Hello?"
"Is this my daughter?"
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 3 3
Lily of the Valley
O how Your righteousness is precious to me!
It clothes me like the Lily of the Valley.
Pure and lovely, delicate and white;
Not even Queen Esther this fair in sight.
What simple beauty this flower holds!
It's not adorned with jewels, yet it's as splendid as gold.
It humbly bows with its brethren to all who pass by,
And yet in its lowliness, it catches the eye.
One won't find it alone; it abides with others;
It shares its vine with its many brothers.
'Tis not a selfish one, doing its own thing.
It's partakes in memorial cries and joyful weddings.
O Lord, that You'd make me be like this gentle flower
That represents Your purity and power!
Such delightful perfection in this little plant;
A true object lesson created by Your hands!
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 11 5
How lucky I am to have a Friend who reaches out to embrace!
'Tis so wonderful to run to Him and be covered by His grace!
Where is my guilt and shame?
Where is my anguish and pain?
They have been removed far away from me,
And cast into the depths of the sea.
Alleluia! Worthy is the Lamb!
How blessed I am to serve the Prince of Peace!
How great it is to flee from the world and find in Him relief!
Why be filled with anxiety?
Why be shrouded in self-pity?
Turn your eyes to the Holy One,
Whose glory shines brighter than the sun!
Alleluia! Holy is the great I AM!
How joyful I am to realize that Christ is my righteousness!
'Tis relieving to not rely on myself to achieve holiness!
How can works alone save your soul?
How can your imperfection make you whole?
By faith I will be sanctified
By the One whom I've been justified!
Alleluia! Worthy is the Lamb!
How at peace I will be when my Lord comes again,
And with great triumph puts an end to all sin!
On that awesome day the saints will sing,
"O de
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 15 12
Fisher of Men
In a sinner like myself, what did He see,
Hidden deep within
When He said, "Follow Me,
And I'll make you a fisher of men."?
I'm impulsive and stumble in faith;
I talk big and make rash oaths.
I looked away from Jesus and sank beneath the waves.
But He walked beside me back to the boat.
I told Christ that for Him, I'd lay down my life.
He warned that Satan's asked to sift me as wheat,
But I was unaware because of my pride.
I didn't understand why He washed my dirty feet.
When I was out in the garden,
I tried to pray, but I fell asleep.
Christ said, "Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation.
The spirit's willing, but the flesh is weak."
I once was ashamed of Him;
I didn't want others to know who I was.
I claimed that I didn't know Him.
He looked at me with forgiving love.
You know that I love You.
You know that I love You.
Lord, You know all things;
You know that I love You.
Though I help tend to the flock,
I am just a little stone.
For Christ is the true Rock;
He's the only one who
:iconskylaxsama:SkylaxSama 11 10
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Ellen G. White (Anime style) :iconheylizabeth01:Heylizabeth01 2 2
The Bus Stop
While beginning a new day or at the end of a long tiring way
Everyone at the bus stop seems the same.
But there is something
That seems to make every trip to the bus stop
Seem more interesting. 
My house is 30 minutes away from the place I work
But I prefer taking the bus every morning. 
I walk down the gray sidewalk
Lost in my own thoughts, 
Until I reach the bus stop. 
I'm always on time 
And I never miss the bus.
As I wait for the bus, 
I sit on the bench and observe the scenery. 
I look around and see people in jackets
Waiting for their rides. 
The city is quiet and still,
And when the bus arrives, 
I board and find my seat. 
Getting on a bus is an instrument of socializing
Because when I board, I come across lots of people.
I find a good seat by the window
And listen to the city's latest gossip. 
I always take a 30-minute ride
From home to my workplace. 
Every cool, breezy Friday morning
I sit on
:iconrachelandjessica23:RachelandJessica23 3 0
Real Soldiers Don't Beg for the Battle to End... :iconchineselung:ChineseLung 28 5 How to honor God with our bodies? :iconoooangelicooo:oooANGELICooo 58 43 How much is your Worth? :iconoooangelicooo:oooANGELICooo 91 45 Show him the end of the book :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 218 9 The Father's Hand :iconsaykha:saykha 16 5 Here's my heart Lord :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 53 9 Jumping off the page :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 72 5 Rescued :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 126 4 Historias de la Biblia: Pan del Cielo :iconheylizabeth01:Heylizabeth01 7 0 Ellen G. White Illustration (3) :iconheylizabeth01:Heylizabeth01 2 1 My Shelter :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 54 2 Let it shine :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 29 3 Meeting With God :iconkatieruckerartwork:KatieRuckerArtwork 368 153 All things new. :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 48 2



I found this video and I had to share it! May it bless you and shake your soul! 

How can we be sleepers?


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Lana L. Keys
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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I am Lana L. Keys.
I am a born-again Seventh-Day Adventist Christian. At first, I was going to pursue a comic artist career, but God had other plans. I'm currently studying Christian history/Theology, Biblical Studies, and writing & editing.

I love talking about my faith and biblical teachings! If there's something you don't agree with on, feel free to comment and we can have an intelligent conversation. To disagreement is NOT the same as hate. An argument doesn't have to be heated, the best arguments are the ones where both sides are calm and open-minded toward each other's ideas. We can have those discussions anytime--but I can't guarantee that I'll reply right away. Thinking and processing words take time, and life demands much. ^^ But I will answer as soon as I can.

If I see that you're here just to harass me and/or another member, then expect to be blocked and/or reported. While I appreciate heavy discussions, if you attack peoples' character and make the whole thing unnecessarily personal, then we'll have a problem. I don't want to see any "You're stupid, blind, dumb, ignorant, etc." nor do I want to see harsh comments about my faith like, "Christianity is dumb", "Christ isn't real", "Christians are stupid". If you come just to start an internet war, don't waste my time or your own time.

If you wish to talk to me or have any prayer requests, simply note me privately and we can talk peacefully.
As for commissions, there will be none for a while. I've been having wrist issues, so I cannot do as much.
Thank you for visiting my page. May God bless you, friends.

Instagram: lana_zion

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---██--- not embarrassed
---██--- to tell
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---██--- you're a Christian


Struggling with sin? Well, good news! Our Savior has a thousand ways to deliver us, of which we know nothing!
It's the opposite force of love,
For it involves torment.
It's a shape-shifter that can take any form,
And everyone has it.
Why? Because it's manifested in every sin.

What is it?
I have a riddle for all of you!
It's not something you can physically hold,
But it can to move a mountain.
It's something that we cannot see,
But every man has it in his possession.

What is it?
Man, when you ask the Lord to help you and change your life... Boy, does He listen! But... He tends to answer in unexpected ways that sometimes don't make sense to us. You can't put Him into a box at all!
I must confess that sometimes it's hard for me to open my heart to the Lord because I'm afraid of seeing my true self. But He is so merciful, in that He reveals Himself to us in a way that helps us to examine ourselves more readily, so that we can reflect Him more effectively. 


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After years of living the wrong life, I long to change my username and get rid of the old things that only harmed me on dA.

I would like to change my username to Lana-Keys and maybe to be able to create polls for my watchers to see what topics come up to potentially write about.

*The Core Membership is solely for ministry purposes. Thank you in advance and may the Lord bless you!

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